Raiders fans upset over call allowing Bengals TD

It only took the opening half of the first game of the NFL playoffs between the Raiders and the Bengals, but a controversial call has fans up in arms over the outcome. The play in question should have been dead immediately due to an erroneous whistle, but the missed call allowed the Cincinnati Bengals to score a critical touchdown against the Las Vegas Raiders.

A whistle was 100% blown while the pass was in the air. If an official did that, this play is supposed to be ruled dead, per NFL rules.

NFL Twitter reacts to blown call in Bengals/Raiders Wild Card game

For whistles in error, the NFL rules state that the play should be called dead. This rule intends for there not to be any ambiguity with regards to whether a play is dead. The league intended for any whistle, even ones blown in error, to signal the end of the play so that no one would be hurt or have an unfair advantage.

Even the commentators agreed that the controversial missed call unfairly impacts the Raiders:

Commentators: “that’s unfortunate for the Raiders”… yeah, you think? 🤬🤬🤬

It appeared that by not blowing the play dead due to the whistle, some of the Raiders’ defenders thought the play was over and did not stay in coverage:

@MySportsUpdate Ya raiders saftey didn’t even move his arms despite being in a position to make a play. Shouldn’t be a TD sadly

Raiders fans say rules are rules, until the league doesn’t follow its own rules

@MySportsUpdate Rule 7, Section 2 (m):”when an official sounds his whistle erroneously while the ball is still in play, the ball becomes dead immediately …”Was literally their rules lol

There are two sides to every coin, and one Twitter user thought that an erroneous whistle shouldn’t mean the play is automatically over (even if the NFL’s rules states otherwise):

If the game goes the Bengals’ way, they will probably pretend that there was no whistle either.

@MySportsUpdate I feel like the scandal here is the refs just pretending like they didn’t blow the whistle. We all heard it! And we’re all just supposed to act like that didn’t happen?

Seinfeld memes have been trending over the last few days, but this GIF appropriately displays what all non-Raiders fans feel about the missed call:

Death, taxes, and controversial NFL playoffs refereeing.

@MySportsUpdate NFL officiating already leaving its mark on the playoffs one game in loll

Conspiracy theories, especially ones involving the Las Vegas Raiders, are always fun.

@MySportsUpdate The league is gonna do everything in their power to make sure the Bengals win this game. I can handle being beaten straight up but when the refs are blatantly tampering with the game then as a football fan you should be extremely disappointed. That’s such shit.

Saints fans never forget. Raiders fans still remember The Tuck Rule.

@MySportsUpdate Everyone told the saints to get over it when they played the Rams. Why is the energy so different now?

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