Apple says it will take its commission even with third-party payment systems

The Netherlands forced Apple to provide an alternative payment system for in-app purchases for dating apps in the country through its Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) regulatory body. The company was also forced to allow third-party payment systems in South Korea.

And while it might seem like this might hurt Apple’s profits the company assures that won’t be the case.

Apple says it will find a way to take its commission for in-app purchases on App Store

On its support page, Apple explains that the IAP system is just one of the three payment methods it plans to offer. Developers can also redirect users to a website to complete the purchase or use a third-party payment system. Either way, Apple is working on a way to take its commission regardless of the payment method use.

In short, Apple will comply with regulators’ orders, but it will come up with an alternative way to take its cut from developers. It will likely establish a system that tracks these purchases and then take its cut from the developers themselves.


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